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Clinical Neurohacking

Apr 10, 2020

This was originally an essay I wrote for an assignment on the topic of neuroethics. I’ve posted it here because a friend was interested in reading it. Sorry if the style is a little drier than my usual stuff.

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What Is a Monad?

Dec 2, 2019

I was recently talking to a colleague of mine about functional programming, and he said something to me that I’ll approximate as “a lot of programmers can’t get their minds around monads.” While I don’t think that’s necessarily true –... Click for more

Zombie Aggregation Theory

Nov 21, 2019

Please pardon my insanity.

I’ve been thinking about zombies, the kind that eat humans to make more zombies. Zombies have been observed moving in groups (in media, obviously not real life (?)). But, here’s the question that I ask myself,... Click for more

Computers, WTF? Part 6 - Static Shock

Aug 20, 2019

Variables, you probably know about them already, right? You know them as the names of values you use in your programs. You declare them, define them, and get really annoyed when JavaScript tells you that they’re undefined. Today... Click for more

Computers, WTF? Part 4 - I, CPU

Aug 18, 2019

In the last issue of this series, we uncovered the top layer of mysteries regarding memory alignment and arithmetic and logical bit shifting. It was a bit lengthy, but sometimes covering these topics takes time! Today, we’ll talk about... Click for more

Computers, WTF? Part 2 - Paint By Numbers

Aug 16, 2019

Last week on the podcast we talked a little bit about memory addressing (it was actually yesterday and a blog post, but let me dream). But what does a computing system actually store in its memory? If you have some... Click for more

Computers, WTF? Part 1 - Oh, the Memory

Aug 15, 2019

Welcome back! Of course I remember who you are. Oh, your name? Well I’ve definitely seen you before, but I can’t exactly put a name to that face that’s floating around in my memory… Steve? Is that right? Damn it.

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Computers, WTF? - Intro

Aug 15, 2019

Hello, my sweet babies! I’ve got an impending need to polish my knowledge on how the hell Computer Systems work. Come along with me on this amazing journey – you’ll help me learn, and maybe you’ll learn something as well!

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EoF - Chapter 3 - Robustness

May 27, 2019

I know it’s been a few days, but it’s finally time to continue our journey through the Erlang Getting Started guide. Now we’re covering the chapter on Robustness.

Robustness, if I had to describe it simply, is a measure... Click for more


Mar 9, 2018

So, I’ve redesigned the site again, but I had more of a plan of action this time, and I think it’s probably going to stay this way for awhile.

The new colour palette is inspired by the album cover of... Click for more


Feb 2, 2018

So, in a couple of days I’ll be going on vacation. I’m hoping that a break will help me re-focus, and I can take some time to get my priorities straight. Things have been a little hectic over the past... Click for more


Jan 23, 2018

A couple of my personal projects have fallen by the wayside over time, and I keep promising myself that I’m going to get back to them, but it becomes pretty difficult. I’m going to be making an effort to cut... Click for more

The Advent of Go

Dec 5, 2017

Hello, thronging hordes of people who are almost certainly not reading this!

I’ve started working with Go, and, while I am working on a project in Go, that’s not what I’m Go-ing to be talking about (I’m not sorry).

There’s... Click for more

Chugging Along/Site Updates

Nov 19, 2017

As I continue to make improvements to my site here (and other projects, hopefully!), I’m going to start documenting them for reals.

Since last update, here’s what I’ve accomplished:

  1. A whole bunch of site style and JavaScript updates... Click for more

Been Awhile

Nov 10, 2017

Holy, it’s been awhile! Over 5 months since my last post on here. I feel like I’ve failed to keep some promise to myself, but it’s not like anyone is really reading this, right?

I’ve done a crazy complete overhaul... Click for more

Summer News

Jun 4, 2017

Well, I was admitted to UBC’s Bachelor’s of Computer Science as a 2nd degree. It will 20 months straight of full-time schoolin’. I’m looking forward to the change of pace, and hopefully it won’t be so time-consuming that I won’t... Click for more

April Fools

Apr 1, 2017

So things have changed a little bit. This should be brief:

  1. My current employer made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, so I’m deferring my university re-enrolment until September 2018. I think that this was a good move... Click for more


Dec 31, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m not really sure how to feel. This year has been bittersweet, for me, and very eventful, politically.

I refuse to discuss politics here, though, so let’s focus on me.

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Learning C, Maybe?

Dec 17, 2016

For awhile now, I’ve been concerned that I’m lacking some more primal knowledge. I’ve never worked in C or C++, and have only a passing familiarity with the family. Had I gone through any sort of formal Comp Sci program,... Click for more

Javascript Madness

Nov 25, 2016

The main reason I created this website was to let me flex out some web design muscles. Most of my current work is back-end stuff, so getting to mess with UI is a treat I don’t often get to enjoy.

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Hello, World!

Nov 14, 2016

Time to start experimenting with Jekyll!

Not a lot going on at the moment, it seems, but you’ve probably already guessed that. I’ve already refreshed my Rails knowledge and have been helping my old friend/roommate with some of his work... Click for more