So, I’ve redesigned the site again, but I had more of a plan of action this time, and I think it’s probably going to stay this way for awhile.

The new colour palette is inspired by the album cover of Booker Ervin’s “HEAVY!!!”, though I’ve inverted the colours and adjusted them a little bit. Check out the album – if you like sax blues, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Booker Ervin - Heavy!!! (cover)

Most of the development time for this update went into creating the animations on the homepage, and I’m not done with them yet! I learned a bunch about animating SVGs, and I still have a backlog of improvements that I would like to make.

On this list is:

  • animations of the three images in the middle of the page that are onclick
  • using CSS Grid for the blog and projects index pages.
  • an “about me” section that maybe actually has a photo of me, who knows.
  • add more technologies to that section of the homepage – maybe break it down a bit into platforms, as having it just broken down by language can be underwhelming.


— M