Web Design and Development

What am I Working On?

Lots of things. Okay, maybe only a few things at a time.

If any of these projects look like something you would like to work on with me, let me know! Most of them are just free things that I’m doing in my spare time.

UTM Jazz


UTM Jazz is a quick project myself and a couple friends threw together to experiment with generative music in the browser. It uses a (slightly configurable) JavaScript implementation of a Turing Machine to generate four bars of music for four instruments, performed by WebAudio synthesizers. This project was inspired by Turing Drawings.

OrthoPulse® Connect

Login page

This is one of the things I worked on at a previous day job! It’s a web application for managing orthodontic patients, and pairing and syncing OrthoPulse® devices. This project includes a REST API for use with the OrthoPulse® app, and a back-office admin for staff use.


Github repository, Live here!

Work in progress

Pomo is one of my first single-page React apps. It’s a pomodoro timer that I (could) have plans to integrate with some of the more popular online productivity apps (e.g., Asana, Trello). This is something that I use often while working. Currently not pretty to look at, but that will be changing eventually, hopefully!

Animal Experts

Github repository, Live demo

On hiatus

A project that I’m currently working on for the BCSPCA – a user-contributable database of experts in different categories of animal care and welfare.

The front-end uses React while the back-end uses Django and the excellent Django REST framework.

Melinda and Patrick

Live here

Wedding website

A fairly straightforward wedding website that I created as a pre-wedding gift for a couple of friends of mine. Includes a photo gallery, an RSVP form, and a (currently disabled) blog.

The front-end is Vanilla JavaScript, and the back-end uses Wagtail, a highly customizable CMS based on Django, with a focus on providing tools for creating page types, without imposing any page-type design decisions on the developer.

Work in Progress

Live here


This is just a simple wiki where myself (and definitely some others) write down what we learn, to help us cement our knowledge, and to create a knowledge base that we can use to help each other. I got tired of writing down things for reference in Google docs, etc., so I came up with the idea to put this wiki together so that I could have everything in one place.

The wiki is a customized version of django-wiki deployed on Heroku.