Hello, thronging hordes of people who are almost certainly not reading this!

I’ve started working with Go, and, while I am working on a project in Go, that’s not what I’m Go-ing to be talking about (I’m not sorry).

There’s a lot of ways to learn something, but I favour interesting challenges rather than writing another goddamn to-do app. Luckily, this is the most wonderful time of the year, by which I mean it’s time for The Advent of Code!

The AoC is pretty self-explanatory – each day (at 9 PM Pacific time) there’s a new two-part puzzle released. Competitors are ranked based on how quickly they complete the puzzles, with the top 100 earning useless, incredible points! You can also compete with your (completely real) friends in a private leaderboard, which has a few different choices as to how they are scored.

In the interest of earning those sweet, sweet points, I’ll be doing every puzzle first in Python, to try to be quick, then following up with a solution in Go. I also plan on timing my solutions in each language, just out of self-interest (I stole this idea from a friend). Maybe I’ll even put a page on here highlighting my results.

Here are my results for the first part of Day 1:

Language Benchmark
Python v3.6.3 1.0989 ms
Go v1.9.2 0.0541 ms

— M