Well, I was admitted to UBC’s Bachelor’s of Computer Science as a 2nd degree. It will 20 months straight of full-time schoolin’. I’m looking forward to the change of pace, and hopefully it won’t be so time-consuming that I won’t be able to work on a few things on the side, whether or not they be for money.

I’ve just come down with a wicked cold, so I’ll try to keep things relatively short in this one.

I need to get on making the design of this site more responsive. It occurs to me that a lot of the many, many (imaginary) visitors are probably visiting on mobile. And, while the mobile layout is pretty nice, it ain’t perfect. Could use some tweaking. We shall see.

I’m also looking at some CSS naming methodology, just to keep things organized. BEM looks like a fairly simple one, so I’ll try it out and if I hate it, I will stop trying it out.

Enjoy the summer weather!

— M