As I continue to make improvements to my site here (and other projects, hopefully!), I’m going to start documenting them for reals.

Since last update, here’s what I’ve accomplished:

  1. A whole bunch of site style and JavaScript updates – I made a commitment to make this site solely using vanilla JavaScript. I’m hoping that this decision will refine my outside-framework front-end JS skills. It’s honestly also just kind of fun. Here are the changes (you can see all of the JS in main.js

    • Changing colours! The site now has a colour picker with 4 options. It’s on the top right on wider screens and the top left on smaller screens. When you select an option, it changes the whole colour scheme of the site, as well as some key text. I did this by hot-swapping CSS classes on <html> and stashing the most recent choice in localStorage to make it persistent across pages and across different site visits in the same browser.
  2. Changed the site title – the original title was just something that popped off the top of my head when I first built the site, and I was never all that fond of it. The new title is just my name! How unique and interesting! I reserve the right to change the title whenever and however I please.

  3. An amazing new 404 page!

I’ve also kicked myself off of Twitter, and onto Medium. The longer format of the articles helps me slow down, and I’m learning a lot from some very talented people.

— M