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404! Oh no!

I admire your bravery, plunging into the unknown, looking for pages that you’ve only heard of in legends and ancient songs, but you seem to have misstepped.

Let’s try again from square one: pick one of the incredibly well thought-out and lovingly handcrafted options at the top right here (or top, on mobile).

If you could’ve sworn that there was actually a page at this location and you’d prefer to challenge me to a duel for pulling the carpet out from under you, send me an email, and we’ll straighten this out with the weapons of your choice at the relative sun positioning of your choosing (both weapons must be the same, none of this knife-to-a-gun-fight stuff).

If you’re friendlier than that, and something you wanted to find actually has gone missing. I’m deeply sorry, but I don’t have time to cater to your every whim, so the phrase “deal with it” comes to mind.

If you’re my wife, the above paragraphs are not applicable and I will fix this immediately, I’m so sorry.