My good friend Mario (he’s the guy I mentioned in my first-ever blog post) has completed the Lighthouse Labs Web Dev Bootcamp. His final project, Heavy Visualizer, does a fantastic job of displaying both his Javascript technical prowess and his masterful mathematic mind.

Give it a spin: drag and drop an audio file (mp3/wav), project it in fullscreen on a blank wall, and throw yourself a mini-rave.

Also Mario-related – he’s looking for a job! If you think you’ve got what it takes to interview this bad-boy for a position, take a look at his developer site and drop him a line.

The sooner he gets a job, the sooner he can move out of our second bedroom, so it’s a win-win-win (your win is the third one).

I just finished reading another novel, and I’m crunching my way through Humble Bundle’s Unix Book Bundle. There’s only a few days left to grab that one, so hurry hard. You’ll probably hear from me soon regarding what I’ve picked up from Classic Shell Scripting.

— M